4 Graphic Design Tips For Everyone


Graphic design is one of those things in life that really goes unappreciated and is probably something that most people don’t think about too much unless you are becoming one or are already one. They simply like what they see, but if you are reading this you are either interested in what these elements are or you probably are a designer already. Whatever it is that you do, here are tips for improving your designs and really getting them to jump off the page. You never know, you might make some money from it too!

Put the text in the right place

There really is nothing worse than poorly placed text and you have probably seen it many times before. A classic example of this is on a website where the text is hard to read due to a picture or object in the background. Not only is this annoying it really doesn’t look good and can make a person instantly turned off your design.

Create a contrast with text

Having a dark background with light text is a perfect way to emphasise the text and its meaning. It is very important that the contrast is bold, but not overpowering. In this case you really need to pick the contrasting colours very carefully and ensure that they match the overall theme of the design.

Mix your fonts

Consistency is important in design and it is possible to mix up certain elements, like fonts, to make an impressive contrast. This can only be achieved when the mix is consistent in some way and you cannot simply frankenstein your fonts together. The best way to do this is to work with a maximum of two, so that the design is not too confusing. Make a heading in one font and some other information in another and if you are repeating this, be sure to do exactly the same thing each time.

Apply a tint

Are you finding that the colours of the design are not matching your pictures and text? This is a very easy fix and you can simply add a nice tint in the same colours to create some consistency within the design. The perfect example of this is creating a sepia tint for an orange colour scheme, which will match perfectly.