Antarctica: Some Surprising Facts

antarctica ice

Antarctica is a very interesting place, but you probably don’t know that much about it and that is probably because it is at the end of the world and you don’t often think about travel to Antarctica. Before you think about travel to Antarctica here are some very surprising facts about this amazing place

What reptiles?

If you don’t like reptiles, then Antarctica is the perfect continent for you, because it is the only one on earth that doesn’t have any form of reptile at all. There is no need to worry about snakes, because there are literally none!

The continent with the harshest weather

It is fairly obvious that Antarctica is cold, but it is actually the coldest place on earth. On top of this it is also the windiest and this is one of the reasons that very people dream of living there. Even the animals that live there cannot survive the winter months and leave the continent after the summer months are over.

How cold is cold?

It is a good question, but Antarctica can experience extremely low temperatures and even up to minus 90 degrees Celsius. This is significantly colder than any other part of the earth, and you thought you were cold in winter when the temperature was at zero degrees Celsius!

It is a desert

When you picture Antarctica, you probably think about a very cold and icy place, but despite this it is actually a desert and is actually the largest in the entire world! This doesn’t really make sense, but the continent is actually one of the driest in the entire world. This is because the rainfall is so low (which includes snow too). Many parts of the continent have not experienced snow or rain in over two million years!

It is either very light or very dark

One of the most interesting things about Antarctica is that it is either very light or very dark there. During the summer months, the continent can experience over twenty hours of sunlight per day and in the Winter months it is permanently dark! This is of course the reason that the tourist season is only possible in the summer time.

It is bigger than you think

Many people don’t give the size of Antarctica any thought, but it is unbelievably big, so big in fact that it is about the size of the United States and Mexico combined. This is extremely impressive for a place that sits at the bottom of your map and is totally forgotten. It is also interesting to think that many parts of Antarctica have never actually been explored!

An unbelievable amount of water

It may be very hard to believe, but about 90 per cent of the earth’s fresh water is actually in Antarctica. This is due to the huge amount of ice and snow around. If this were to melt the level of the sea on the entire earth would rise significantly. This is the reason that many people are concerned about global warming and the melting of the ice in Antarctica, as this could destroy cities as we know them, particularly on the coastline.