Budget Traveling for Beginners  

Budget Traveling for Beginners

Are you new to budget traveling? Are you currently of the mindset that traveling is an activity reserved for people who have tons of extra cash? This must have been a rumor made up somewhere because the truth is, you can often travel for cheaper than it is to live in many cities. Once you’ve got your plane ticket, it just takes creativity and know-how to really make your budget stretch. And when you travel on a budget, you end up making more connections that you would have if you were isolated in some fancy hotel somewhere. The high life might be idealized by movies and media, but the backpacker life is what so many people crave to experience. This is where you life gets changed, you meet the people who stay in your life forever, and your mind and heart are never the same again. Real travel is connecting with the local culture and figuring things out as you go along. You want an adventure? Follow our tips for budget travel and you’ll be there in no time.


Choose your destinations wisely

First of all, if you want to travel on a budget you probably don’t want to spend all of your time in a super expensive city. Do some research before you go to figure out the cost of living in different cities. This way you’ll know what to expect and you can decide where you want to go. Cities like New York and LA will probably be more expensive than smaller destinations, but they will offer so many things to see and do. You will make your budget really stretch in places like South America or Southeast Asia. Here you can eat and sleep for just a few dollars, and have an amazing experience immersing in these cultures. It all depends on what you seek for your trip, so keep these things in mind as you decide.

Go with the flow

You might hear some people recommend that you need to plan everything out before you go, but this simply isn’t true. Yes, you could book all of your hostels and accommodations before leaving, but you might miss out on some great deals that just pop up along the way. Many hostels in some countries don’t even have websites, so you could score a great deal just by talking to someone on the street. The same goes for restaurants; don’t make reservations, just go with the flow and see what looks good! Poke around and find the local spots where you see locals eating. You know the food will be better than the tourist spots, and you’ll save tons of cash because they’ll charge you the local price- not tourist! Going with the flow is a great mentality to have when you’re traveling because it leaves you open to new experiences.

Save on transport

If you’re traveling somewhere with a train system, you can save money by buying an all-inclusive rail pass rather than buying lots of individual tickets. In Europe for example, the Eurorail pass will save you tons of money if you’ll be traveling between different countries. Know the local price for taxis where you are, and don’t get swindled when they try to jack up to a tourist price.