Market Intelligence is the process of capturing information about the market relevant to the business niche. It is a comprehensive approach of understanding the market in a better way. The steps involve collecting, gathering and analyzing the information of the market segment. In a broader sense market intelligence relates to […]


There have been so many changes in recent years, ranging from the growth of the Internet, the common use of mobile devices, a single world market to a fairly stubborn recession. New career opportunities have emerged as modern technology has become such a force.  Perhaps you have no talent with […]

When we invest our money we always like to think that some of the interest made by the bank will be used towards some great initiatives. Every major company now has to have a fully functioning corporate social responsibility team, it is also a great marketing tool if a company […]

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Being a first home buyer is always full of stress. You want to make sure that this is money well spent, and that you are not going to have regrets. After all, you are going to remember this house for years to come, so you are going to want it […]