Five tips for boosting your online sales

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From being a niche part of the market just a few years ago, the area of online sales has grown exponentially and is increasingly becoming the norm. Whether you’re a dedicated eCommerce merchant or looking to diversify, these five tips should help you to boost your online sales:

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1. Take a long hard look at your website

Even businesses that don’t sell online recognise the importance of a good quality website. Your website is often a returning or potential new customer’s first port of call and it should reflect your business in an attractive, professional manner.

If it looks like something from the dawn of the internet, spruce it up! It should also be functional, allowing visitors to search, navigate and (hopefully) make their final purchase with ease.

Professional eCommerce web design experts can help you achieve a site that looks great but also serves your customers’ needs.


2. Use great images

When people are buying at a distance, they want a good idea of what it is they’re actually buying. Good quality images that accurately show the items are therefore a must.

Depending on your layout you may want to use thumbnails to preview multiple items in the same page or section but users who want a closer look should have access to larger, high resolution images at the click of a mouse.


2. Write accurate descriptions

This goes hand in hand with the great product images. Descriptions should tell the customer everything they need to know about an item. This will be very different if you are selling shoes or new laptops but should combine an overview or general product description with technical specifications where relevant.

Any unique selling points should also be emphasised.


4. Go mobile

Mobile search is rapidly catching up to static search and many commentators suggest mobile will overtake PC and laptop searches by 2015. Mobile users tend to prefer simplified sites that are easily searchable via a prominent search box so get rid of superfluous graphics that can affect loading times and simplify your content.

Many companies now have a dedicated mobile-optimised version of their main website for users on the go.


5. Get social

Social media sites offer an unparalleled opportunity to communicate directly with your customers. Engage with users, take feedback, respond to criticism and plug your promotions. Try to avoid the hard sell however, as that is not generally why people engage with companies via the social media and not through other mediums.