Fundraising – how to get people involved in your cause


There are a plethora of fundraising campaigns that cover a wide range of potential interests each and every day. Often people are only too happy to provide funds for a cause but some people are reluctant to actually get involved in the fundraising events themselves. However, with some careful marketing and research to understand your target audience, it could be easier than you might imagine.

As with all marketing strategies, if they are not targeted at the right people then they are going to fail to get off the ground. Some market research in the community could go a long way to creating and running a successful fundraising event. Getting youngsters on board may be a little more difficult but if they are, kids can often be more persuasive in drumming up interest than adults.

Getting people involved in your cause

There are plenty of different ways to get people involved in your cause. Here are some examples:

·  Use people for positive PR – your organisation’s best resource is its volunteers and people in the community. Reach out to them and ask for their help.

·  Have a social media presence – as with just about anything these days, having a presence and engaging people on social media will help. Being able to leverage the support of local people on sites such as Facebook and Twitter has never been easier.

·  Make it simple for people to get involved in your cause. Don’t make them have to go through numerous forms and documents. Just have something as simple as an online sign-up sheet.

·  Be transparent – even the most well-intended causes can come under scrutiny if they don’t reveal everything they are doing. Show everyone exactly where the donated money goes and it could help encourage more people to sign up for your events.

Getting children involved in the fundraising

If you want the youngsters in the community to get excited about helping a good cause then a fundraising event that includes a physical activity could be a good way to go. Sponsored walks or park clean-ups are all good ways to get youngsters onside with their parents.

One of the easiest ways to get children involved in the fundraising activities is by going to local schools and community clubs to give them talks about what it is you are doing and how you will be going about doing it. Children being involved will help to give your cause a little more gravitas in the community as it can easily convince parents to join in.

Provide promotional products for the volunteers

For the youngsters, or anyone else that is volunteering, they will want to really feel part of a team. Consider distributing promotional items to your volunteers, emblazoned with your call to action and contact details – click here for more information on choices. These can be something as simple as personalised pens or mugs. However, if you’re planning a physical activity on a summer’s day then promotional wristbands are likely to help keep the event well-organised.