Gloucester Businesses: How to Plan a Seamless Office Move


Gloucester companies – are you looking to make a move? It turns out that the former home of the famous vacuum cleaner inventor is on the market just waiting to be “hoovered” up. Park House is located on Gloucester Park and dates from the beginning of the 19th century. It was previously used as an office for the insurance company Ecclesiastical Life. The Grade II listed commercial space is not the only option on the Gloucester market, of course, but it could be particularly attractive to a business looking for a prestigious address. If you are moving offices any time soon, get a head start and begin your moving plan now.

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Start Three Months Before Your Move Date

it is important to start planning your office move three months or more before you actually have to leave your premises. Once you have found your new office space you can start drawing up a schedule and a checklist of things you need to do and when. Planning helps to iron out any potential problems and allows you to see how the move will be most effectively organised.

Survey and Measure the New Office

Around two to three months before your move, measure the size and shape of the new premises and start to think about layout and furniture. If you need to order new furniture it is best to do it sooner rather than later – custom-made furniture often takes a while to be constructed.

Find and Book a Removals Service

With the amount of firms offering removals Gloucester has, you’re going to have to take a little time looking into the right company for your needs. Choose a firm that specialises in office moves in the area, as a removals firm that purely focuses on home moves may not offer the attention to detail that your business needs. Get a range of quotes – call to arrange a visit from a company who will look at your space and discuss your project. For example, is a specialist moving company for businesses.

Sort Out Your Suppliers

As you get closer to your move date, call current suppliers (phone, IT, water cooler, etc.) and inform them of your leaving date. Transfer the service to the new address, or find local suppliers at the new premises if you are moving a greater distance. Organise a print of stationery with your new address, and arrange to get notifications sent to clients and customers detailing your new premises and contact details.

Start Your Packing

With a few weeks to go, liaise with your removals company and get the right packing materials for furniture, files, computers, and office equipment. Get new furniture delivered to the new office, and set up the IT connections in the new premises. Work out the logistics of setting up new servers and how to get the computers up and running in the new offices. Arrange for a cleaning company to come and clean your old office after you have left and before you hand over the keys.


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