How a bank is giving back through education


When we invest our money we always like to think that some of the interest made by the bank will be used towards some great initiatives. Every major company now has to have a fully functioning corporate social responsibility team, it is also a great marketing tool if a company can boast about all of the wonderful things they are doing to help the community. With the general public’s opinion of banks having worsened over recent years, they are now trying to do all that they can to persuade people that they are good institutions that can and do a lot of good work.


Corporate Social Responsibility departments have never been as important as they are today for the image of a company. Gone are the days where their office was in the basement and they were very rarely visited, now they are the shining beacon of most institutions, shown off to the world at every opportunity. Whilst some may see this as being all for show, I think it is fantastic. Banks are now using their profits for good projects, much more than they did in the past. Seeing great initiatives pop up all over the country certainly does gain the banks a lot of respect and helps them get the trust of the general public, all this will in turn lead to more customers.

One bank that has gone above and beyond with regards to corporate social responsibility is Scottish Friendly. Scottish Friendly had the great idea to launch a book tour throughout the UK, their tour bus will visit hundreds of schools all across the country in the hope of inspiring kids to read more and be more effective in their studies. Famous authors join the tour at different stages, they go along to the schools to meet the students and to hold workshops. Having a renowned author at a school creates such a buzz and creates just the right atmosphere to have an extremely productive day. The tour has been getting rave reviews from every school they have visited and every student that has participated, one thing is for sure is that the tour is having the desired effect and it has touched the learning journey of so many young people. The book tour initiative is something that Scottish Friendly should shout about from the roof tops! To keep up to date on the tour head the bank’s blog section on their website.