Sabbatical: The importance of planning for an extended break

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Adventurous sorts among us are increasingly looking for new ways to broaden their horizons – long breaks to travel overseas and discover the world are commonly on the bucket list for professionals across the UK.

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And with the financial issues that have become more prevalent in the UK in recent years, more firms are becoming happy to oblige their staff who want to take a sabbatical. However, for those who have made the choice to do this, there are things to consider before you go such as travel and empty house insurance, spending money and travel plans.


If you’re off on your travels around the world, then it’s pretty obvious that you need a travel insurance policy to cover you against any injuries or losses while you are away.

But what about your home? While you’re away, a great many risks will exist. Burglaries are more common on houses that have been left empty for a while, and if you’re away over the winter, the cold weather might cause problems.

A normal home insurance policy will not really be enough to cover you either, as these can be invalidated if you are away from home for an extended period of time, so make sure to get a specialist empty house insurance quote before heading off.


You might think you have enough money stashed away for a long trip and being away from work, but remember that most sabbaticals tend to be unpaid – which is why struggling companies will prefer them.

Also, a year is a long time, especially when there is no money coming in, and if you’re off overseas enjoying yourself, you may well find that your budget is eaten up very quickly.

If you know for a while that you are going away on a sabbatical, try saving some money each month so that you can rest assured you’ll have enough money to cover you and not have to constantly be checking your balance.

Try cutting something out of your daily spend and putting what you would have spent in the bank. Whether it’s the morning latte on the way to the office or cigarettes, the money will quickly build up.

A year may seem like a long time to head around the world and see all of the things you want to. And it might make you feel young and carefree to throw caution to the wind and let things go with the flow.

However, you’ll quickly find the weeks and months passing by, and the last thing you will want is to be sat with a few weeks of your trip left and a list of places you didn’t quite manage to fit in.

The best way to avoid this is to sit down before you go and set out a detailed itinerary. It might not seem like the coolest way to go about the holiday, but it will mean that you get to see everything before coming home and getting back into the swing of work.

Besides, if you have planned everything, you will be able to leave a copy with people back home, meaning they will know where you are should they need to contact you, or if you should end up with health issues, for example.