Saving money on lawn care


Taking pride in your house, garden and property is both commendable and enjoyable. A man’s home is his castle and should be treated as such. In regards to the exterior, a well-manicured lawn can give you pride, piece of mind and the action of keeping it tailored can be a satisfying experience. If you are looking for one of the best places to find the equipment you need for your lawn, then head on over to Pat’s Small Engine Plus. There is everything there to make sure you have a great lawn at a great price.

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However, it’s not always the most simple of tasks. With various weed issues, confusion over what supplements to use/not use, what technology you should invest in – there are a plethora of options, and if you’re serious about lawn care, you need to know them all.

We’ve put together a top 5 tips list for lawn care right here, saving you all that Google work:

1) Be aware of the season

Tending to your lawn doesn’t require just one hard and fast rule. You have to be aware that your lawn is even more sensitive to climate change than us humans. Each season creates a different set of demands, for example in Spring as the temperatures rise, the grass starts to grow at much faster rates and you have to understand that your lawn requires considerably more fertilizer and water. Do your research and respect the season.

2) Maintaining your equipment

Elbow grease is a necessary thing, and without doubt you will need a lot when maintaining your beautiful lawn. However, you must maintain your mechanical aids correctly; make sure your mower blades are sharp, and renew aging tools when necessary. Saving money on costly lawn care is certainly something to be aware off, as the bills can really mount if you’re not careful.

3) Keep it longer

Mowing the lawn isn’t just a case of running your lawnmower over it; you have to respect the length. Many people automatically mow the lawn on the default setting whereas in reality you should switch your mower to the highest setting that gives an attractive finish. Too short and it stresses the grass as the leaves have to absorb water for the plants to flourish – no leaf and the grass will wither.  Also, as a bonus the slightly longer grass acts as a barrier to the sun that weed seeds will need to germinate and grow.

4) Dealing with weeds

Far and away the best advice here is that prevention is better than cure. Mow regularly, thereby keeping dandelions and crabgrass at bay, forbidding them from spreading their seeds. Also, don’t assume pesticides are the way to go – natural ‘herbicides’ are healthier for both the land and your family.

5) Feed the garden

Every living organism needs food, and your lawn is no different. You need to keep your lawn fertilized, and as a bare minimum that requires a biannual fix.  Always test the soil’s PH and act accordingly.

Good luck with your lawn everyone; I hope it’s everything you dreamt it could be. And remember, just like your family, a healthy lawn requires some TLC too!