Top Historical Sites In The UK




When it comes to exploring your own backyard, one thing that many people find fantastic is to explore the historical sites they might never have been to before. The UK is awash with great sites with amazing history – many of which go unexplored year after year by locals. If you’re looking for something really cool to do this summer either alone, with friends, family or just you and the kids, consider visiting one or all of these great sites.

Tower Of London, London

The Tower of London is probably one of the most infamous sites in the UK. Having been in use since before the Normandy invasion by William the Conqueror, parts of the tower have been built up and restored over the years. Numerous people have lived – and died – within the tower walls, including Anne Boleyn, second wife of Henry VIII. The Tower has played a vital role in a number of dark historical stories over the years – such as the missing Princes in the Tower, two young heirs to the Plantagenet throne who were purportedly murdered and buried in the Tower by Richard III in order to usurp the throne. Interestingly, only several years ago two young skeletons were found, further suggesting that Richard’s part in the murder of the Princes in the Tower was, in fact, real.

Prices are around £20 for a ticket which allows you full access including to the Crown Jewels exhibit. Found at the centre of London, a few minutes walk from Tower Hill Tube Station.

Tintagel Castle, Cornwall

Tintagel Castle, a ruined Dark Ages castle nestled in the cliff face at Tintagel along the north shore of Cornwall has always had a bit of a legendary feel about it. Perhaps it’s the entire vibe of the place, or perhaps it has to do with the widely believed story that legendary King Arthur was born and raised here. Whatever the reasoning behind the magic of the place, it’s one spot you can’t miss while in Cornwall. Stay at Perran Springs Holiday Park for an ideal base to explore the area, including Tintagel, only about an hour’s drive away.

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Salisbury City, Wiltshire

Salisbury has long been regarded as one of the prettiest cities in the UK and with its narrow networks of old streets twisting and turning in and around the Cathedral Close, you can really see just how it truly can take you back in time. The cathedral dates from around 1220, and there are a number of pubs – especially the Haunch of Venison – which claim to have been hostels for the cathedral workers. Visit Old Sarum – the original site of Salisbury prior to around 1200 and then head out to the neolithic monument of Stonehenge.

So if you’ve been wanting to explore the UK a bit more but you aren’t sure where to start, consider one of these great ideas. There’s so much going on in your own backyard, who needs to go abroad?