Top Summer Holiday Ideas 2019


With summer around the corner and a desire to get a couple of things booked in for the warmer months, you might be wondering just what to add to your must do list this summer season. If this sounds like you, it’s best to start booking in things now so you aren’t left scrambling later trying to get everything crammed in before the autumn hits again. For help and inspiration in making this summer one to remember, check out these great ideas for things to see and do – both at home and away.


Travelling is one of the best ways to spend a summer holiday, even if you don’t go off on a long, drawn out trip to a number of far flung and amazing places. Travelling can include just jetting off to one or two places for a week or two each, spending time exploring different cultures and trying different foods. Whether you head off to somewhere new and exotic such as Africa, Asia or South America, or you spend time exploring countries closer to home, getting out of your comfort zone can be a great way to spend the holidays.


For many, fishing is a fantastic past time that helps unwind and relax, allowing them the ability to catch fish they can take home while enjoying a sport that’s light on the exercise but a sport all the same. Fishing holidays in Cornwall are a great example of just some of the fantastic fishing holidays you can do in the Atlantic waters, allowing you the opportunity to catch some great fish such as pollack, lingcod, cod and sea bass.


Camping is another option for summer holidays, allowing you and your family to get back to nature and out in the wilds of the UK and Europe (or further afield!). Camping can also be a budget friendly solution to those who want to get a holiday in but don’t have the funds to do so. Camp sites can charge a minimal fee for basic tent pitching with no electric, but if you want electric and water hookups for the likes of mobile homes, it can cost a bit more.

So whether you’re looking for something relaxing, exciting or back to nature for this summer’s holiday time, hopefully this short list of ideas will get your inspiration running and help you make some cool choices when it comes to picking the holiday ideas that suit you and your family.