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Never before are customers going online to do their research about businesses or products before heading off to the store to buy something. Mobile phones, have of course, become one of the main resources customers head to when they are in need. The internet giant. Google, recently conducted a study of smartphone users – the results showed that 70% of users that purchased something in a shop had first used their phone to find out information. On top of that they found that 20% had used a search engine specifically before they made the purchase.

When some uses Google, there’s an algorithm there that will aim to provide the user with relevant search results. Let’s be honest, most of us don’t click past the first page. So, if you want your business to show up on the first page of these all important results you need to have a very good search engine optimisation plan in order.

Here’s a couple of reasons why SEO is an absolute must for every small business out there:

Increase Traffic

When people type words or phrases in to a search they are known as keywords – you need to make sure you rank as high as can be for keywords that come under your niche. This basically means that when potential customers each for those keywords you company will be right at the top – therefore more likely to be clicked. Google revealed that 18% of clicks go to the tops spot, 10% second and 7% third.

The Competition is Already Doing It

It’s pretty simple, your competitors are already doing this – I promise you that! So if they’re doing it then you should be too. So they are out there looking to get to the top of the search results. Getting to the top is pretty tough and when you get there you must keep on working to make sure that you keep the position. If you have a small local business then your chances of getting the top stop are pretty good – that is if you employ the correct SEO strategy.

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