What gifts can be given to fast-moving employees?


Employers need to make sure their members of staff feel valued and appreciated in their role. By fostering a good team spirit, companies can expect to see an increase in productivity, which will only be a good thing for the organisation in the long term.

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There are a number of ways firms can look to promote wellbeing in today’s fast-paced world, such as developing competitions that reward the best workers at the end of the month, or organising various away days that focus on team bonding. However, one of theĀ most effective options is to distribute corporate gifts.

Go the extra mile

Companies can show they are willing to go the extra mile with their staff by giving them a series of products that will make it easier for them to carry out their job. For example, mini organisers can be the perfect gift for the fast-moving employee, as it gives them the chance to organise their day in an efficient and effective manner. On top of this, it means workers are less likely to miss important meetings – which is good news for the company as a whole.

Technology is playing an increasingly big role in how employees go about their daily tasks. Some companies are rolling out bring your own device to work policies, which sees staff access important information through their iPads, laptops and smartphones. So, what better way to reward employees – and ensure their devices stay safe – than by giving them branded iPad cases?

Some staff, particularly those in client-facing sales roles, will constantly be on the go attending meetings. Because of this, getting the morning cup of coffee or tea may be tricky. However, by furnishing your staff with takeaway travel mugs, this no longer has to be a worry. These heat resistant and portable cups make it easy for people to take their favourite hot beverage with them on the train, bus or car.

Gifting in style

Of course, corporate gifts do not have to be purely practical. For example, giving your members of staff new cufflinks is a nice touch, as they will brighten up suits. This is particularly important if you are operating in a sector where it’s important to portray a professional image. Chocolate is another gift that will be warmly received.

Companies should do a bit of research when it comes to choosing corporate gifts. According to theĀ British Promotional Merchandise Association, 23 per cent think the relevance of the item is the most important consideration. Its attractiveness to the target audience is considered vital by 23 per cent, while usefulness is a factor for 59 per cent.

This demonstrates the types of things that businesses need to be considering when drawing up a list of possible corporate gifts. The beauty of options such as iPad cases and travel mugs is firms know they will be used and therefore are much more likely to be appreciated by the recipients. The last thing you want to do is disappoint your staff by giving them merchandise they will immediately discard.

If you run a small business, do let us know what corporate gifts you think work best with staff.