What’s the correct process for personal accident claims?

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If you’ve been in an accident and it wasn’t your fault, then you are eligible for a settlement to cover the costs of your injuries, whether physical, mental or emotional. It’s important to understand how to go about claiming your compensation, because this settlement will help you through the process of recovery. You don’t want to be burdened down with the costs of medical bills, plane tickets or any other bills related to your accident. An accident claim can wipe away these stresses, leaving you and your loved ones free to begin the process of recovery and getting your lives back. Follow these tips for the right process to claiming your settlement:

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Find a lawyer

Personal injury law is complicated, so much that people who have been injured are not expected to understand all the in’s and out’s. This is what a personal injury lawyer is for. They will guide you through the process of claiming your settlement, while keeping your stress as low as possible. Check out Midland Texas Law firm for people who can help with personal injury settlements.

Keep record

In order to claim your settlement, you’ll need to have good documentation of the accident and injury. Keep track of any paperwork related to the incident, such as police reports and medical reports. You’ll need to document the date and location of the accident, how it happened, contacts of any witnesses at the scene, and as many details of your injuries as possible. If you have any proof that you’ve lost earnings from your work or had any other financial expenses related to the accident, you’ll need to have documentation of this as well. Provide any insurance information as well.

Making the claim

Although your lawyer will mainly take care of this process, it’s still important to understand how it works. Once you’ve made your claim, your lawyer will take a letter stating your claim to the defendant in the accident. This will explain all the details of the accident, your injury, and any financial losses you’ve experienced. You might even bring in experts like a doctor to support your position.

Then, the defendant, or person liable for the accident, will take the letter and give you their reply within a matter of weeks or months. They will either accept or deny your claim. They might make an offer of what they think your claim is worth, and then the ball will be in your court to either accept or deny that offer. This is another place where lawyers will be involved, but it’s still important to be an active member in the process. Sometimes the process can be settled out of court, which is obviously ideal. But if you and the defendant can’t come to terms on an amount for the claim, the matter will go to court. At this point, the case will go to a judge who will look at the information and evidence and make a decision about the claim.