Sponsorship can be a powerful weapon in your marketing arsenal, but it can be very hit and miss. Sponsoring high profile celebrities or sports teams is a pricey investment but you can choose to sponsor on a localized level and achieve results in the form of greater brand awareness and […]


  Ebola is a serious health risk for those that contract it, it can even be life threatening. With much conflicting information in the media and social media it is difficult to find out some simple questions about the disease, here are some commonly asked questions about Ebola. Where Did […]

New Year Saving Tips


It’s that time of year again, making resolutions and resolving to get a handle on the finances; you know how to work out your budget and you’ve got a comfortable savings pot, so how else can you cut down the costs? This post aims to highlight some useful tips to […]

Claims management is one of the most essential tasks for an insurance company. It calls for many challenges. The risk and capital involved in such transactions is high and can affect many business activities. The agents need to be aware of the policies and should explain them to the customers […]


Market Intelligence is the process of capturing information about the market relevant to the business niche. It is a comprehensive approach of understanding the market in a better way. The steps involve collecting, gathering and analyzing the information of the market segment. In a broader sense market intelligence relates to […]

With the economy on the up and positive news about the prospects of business finally outnumbering negative stories, the time is right for companies across all sectors to be thinking about their long-term growth again, rather than focusing solely on survival and continuity. But in order to achieve this, many […]

Although it may not be the most popular expat destination at the moment because of recent political turmoil, nevertheless living and working in Egypt, or simply holidaying there, is still a dream for millions of people from around the world.   However, in terms of lucrative expat opportunities, Egypt is […]

Being Prepared For The End

Being Prepared For The End

Death is not something anyone really wants to talk about. The idea of it, for the majority of us is very frightening-the idea of simply not being there, not existing. The moment as a child that you realise that nobody, including yourself, is going to live forever is somewhat earth […]

Tips for Starting Your Own Business

For many people, the idea of working for someone else is just crazy. Why sit in someone else’s office from 9-5 when you could be working on your own business that you’re passionate about? This is what many entrepreneurs believe, and this belief has helped them thrive and create successful […]