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If you’ve been in an accident and it wasn’t your fault, then you are eligible for a settlement to cover the costs of your injuries, whether physical, mental or emotional. It’s important to understand how to go about claiming your compensation, because this settlement will help you through the process […]

There are a plethora of fundraising campaigns that cover a wide range of potential interests each and every day. Often people are only too happy to provide funds for a cause but some people are reluctant to actually get involved in the fundraising events themselves. However, with some careful marketing […]


Taking pride in your house, garden and property is both commendable and enjoyable. A man’s home is his castle and should be treated as such. In regards to the exterior, a well-manicured lawn can give you pride, piece of mind and the action of keeping it tailored can be a […]


You’ve had this idea in your head for some time; it permeates your brain no matter what task lies before you.  Perhaps it’s time to start your own company and become financially independent as a successful business owner.  There are six solid steps to making your dream become a reality […]


There have been so many changes in recent years, ranging from the growth of the Internet, the common use of mobile devices, a single world market to a fairly stubborn recession. New career opportunities have emerged as modern technology has become such a force.  Perhaps you have no talent with […]

Many umbrella companies offer a feature known as a contractor salary calculator. The simplest definition of this is that it allows contractors to see how much of their income they can take home after tax by using that particular umbrella company. However, there are various different types of contractor calculator and […]

As anyone charged with running a dental practice will know, running your business is not getting any cheaper. With the new year now underway, those costs are not likely to drop anytime soon – with a multitude of payments – annual, monthly and quarterly – all due by the end […]

Becoming a contractor represents a significant change in lifestyle when compared to working as a salaried employee and this distinction is even more pronounced if you opt to set up your own limited company and operate through this. The majority of contractors make this transition quite easily, with even the […]

Whether a group of people is from different cultural, social or economic backgrounds, it’s their diversity – especially in their ways of thinking and their approaches to dealing with challenges – that can bring new ideas and exciting changes to a business. That’s why it’s important to make a concerted […]

Owning a second home in Europe can offer all sorts of luxuries. As well as providing free, guaranteed accommodation whenever you fancy jetting off on a short break, a property abroad can be a valuable source of additional income. If your overseas pad is located in or near a popular […]